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SGS Acquires i2i Infinity Ltd, United Kingdom

i2i is the leading provider of Electronic Certificates of Origin in the UK. The company provides customs compliance services to exporters and chambers of commerce using innovative proprietary software solutions. Accredited by the British Chamber of Commerce, i2i’s software as a service platform is actively used in over 65 chambers of commerce in the UK and Canada.


Established in 1986 and privately owned, the company employs 12 people and serves over 30,000 users worldwide.


“In a world of increasing trade and customs complexity, the acquisition of i2i is aligned with the strategy of our Governments & Institutions division to act as a facilitator of global trade compliance, and as a partner of choice for digital solutions,” said Frankie Ng, CEO of SGS. “This will be an ideal complement to our services portfolio for the trade community, in the UK and beyond.”

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