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    We are specialists in software for export documents, customs management and international trade.

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  • Software Design and Development

    We can design and build software that fits your specific business requirements.

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Cloud Solutions

We can offer you secure cloud services via our private cloud or you can choose from our On-Premises options.

Customs Management

Our built-in customs modules can be used in any of our export software and provide fast and accurate declarations to HMRC.

International Trade

We've specialised in international trade software for over 30 years and offer some of the most up to date solutions in the market.

Certificate of Origin

Chambers of Commerce across the UK and Canada use our software to delivery fast online certified documents for exporters.

Software Projects

Our team can manage your software projects and deliver your business a complete software solution.

Full support

All of our products and services have the full support of our in-house, UK based help desk.


We've got it


Whether your project is big or small, our team offers complete support throughout the project process, giving you the confidence that a quality and successful solution will be delivered

Export Software
Get certified documents fast using the e-z Cert online service which is connected directly to chambers of commerce saving you time and money. You can apply for Certificate of Origin, Arab Certificate of Origin, A.TR, EUR1, ATA Carnet, or upload any document for certification by the chamber of commerce. Get going at www.e-zcert.com/uk
Our enterprise export / import software gives you high performance and efficiency in your shipping department, re-using your business system data to produce export documents, declare shipments with HMRC, manage your workflow and much more, you can find out more by following this link.
Export documents, customs declarations for your international shipments, using e-z Consign you can get everything you need and you can start using it for FREE. When your shipment data is ready you only pay for what you want when you need it! Sign Up Here
Need an instant online DGN for your shipment? Visit our free to use DGN service on our 4-EXIM web site, complete online and print off instantly click here to visit
Why Choose Us
Import / Export solutions for your business

i2i Infinity are specialists in the export document business. We can help you use your business system (ERP) data to create export documents and comply with other exporting or importing regulations.

Create export documents such as DGN, SSN, AAD and Export Invoice, make electronic submissions to online services such as NES electronic Customs Clearance, CFSP Imports, EMCS, ICS, Certificates of Origin, EUR1, A.TR and more.

Software development projects

Our team are experts in software engineering and use the latest technologies to produce feature rich software which can be delivered via the internet or installed locally

we are a Microsoft partner and so we have the latest tools at our finger tips and also many years of experience using Microsoft technology.

Offering first class support

We understand that no software can deliver if it isn't backed up with the support of a first class help desk that can resolve any problems quickly.

We offer multiple mediums for support, so no matter where you are you can contact us and rely on us to keep you on the right track with your business software.

Our Projects